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A Taste of Passion

Passion for Art, Love, Friendship, and Life in General Plz.

11 January
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  • tasteofpassion@livejournal.com
I'm a student and artist living in the South Eastern United States. I make beautiful cakes and cook extravagant meals for friends and loved ones. :) I have a small cake business (friends only), and I make wedding and birthday cakes out of my home.

I also make jewelry and accessories for fun, and I am starting up my own small business. I have registered for multiple conventions in 2012 and am looking forward to seeing if I find success with this hobby.

I am a biology major currently, on track to become a Physician's Assistant. I am very involved with school, and sometimes I am away for a few days (particularly during exams), but know that when I commit to something, I am serious.


When Buying From Me:
-All of my items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home.
-All items sold by me will be laundered and carefully packaged.
-Delivery Confirmation in the USA is ABSOLUTE when I ship. I do not ship without it.
-I will require your name, address verification, and paypal email address.
-Items will not ship items until full payment has cleared to me.
-Payment plans are sometimes acceptable, payments must be reasonably on time, invoices should be paid as agreed upon. First payment OR deposit is always non-refundable, so please be sure you are absolute in your decision to make a purchase from me.

When Selling to Me:
-My Address is listed in Paypal- any questions please ask!
-Please advise me if you are sending me an item from a home with cats, dogs, or other furry animals. I'm allergic to all of the cute fuzzy creatures. T_T
-I have positive feedback- I always pay for my transactions, so please check EGLFeedback.
-Please check your PMs. Sometimes I send messages from my phone and sometimes I neglect to post to the thread because it is difficult to on my phone.
-Please do not back out of a sale once confirmed, or accept a higher offer from someone else when previously confirmed with me. This has happened before, and it was for a dress I still have not acquired. It is against the rules of the EGL Community Sales.